How To Make Chocolate Chip Cake Rusks Recipe

Cake rusks are a two times prepared roll of sorts. It is basically a standard cake which is cut into more modest cuts and prepared a subsequent time, leaving us with a crunchy and bigger than normal bread roll. It is basically the same as biscotti – indeed, this chocolate chip cake rusk is enlivened by the biscottis I have prepared in the past which would incorporate an assortment of add-ins, including nuts, chocolate chips, coconut, lemon and orange zing and so forth The cake rusks of India/Pakistan/Bangladesh that I have seen will generally be either plain or with almonds.

I have never followed a particular formula for cake rusks. I have in every case basically made my standard vanilla cake which is a formula I have known off inside and out for quite a long time with a couple of revises. The cake is heated until it is simply cooked through (cautious not to overcook it!) and brilliant from the top, then, at that point, it is cooled somewhat prior to being cut into cuts and prepared again on the two sides. I have added chocolate chips to my cake rusks since chocolate chips are only my most loved cake add-in ever. Assuming you’d like, you can trade out the chocolate chips for your cherished nuts or dried natural product. I think these chocolate chip cakes rusks would be a complete joy to serve to visitors as a pleasant change-up to the customary cake rusks. It’s additionally an enormous reward that children will adore them as well!

Chocolate Chip Cake Rusks Recipe

Cake Rusk

Why You Should Bake Home-Made Cake Rusks (Or Any Baked Good!)

Cake rusks are promptly accessible at most Asian shops and food stores, and in the UK they are even accessible at a ton of my nearby standard grocery stores like Tesco. (Obviously, they aren’t chocolate chip, however that is another issue) But something stands out about home-prepared merchandise you truly can’t contend with. I have made a quiet guarantee to myself to at no point in the future buy cake rusks or to allow my folks to buy them all things considered.

Home-made cake rusks are so natural to make and take under an hour and a half to make, the greater part of which is uninvolved time! You are most certainly getting a lot more excellent when you are baking them at home since you have command over the nature of fixings you use. You are likewise moving away from the terrible additives and fillers that are added to business cake rusks. Assuming that cake rusks are something you have on the standard, I most certainly think baking these at home is a wise venture of your time, with the result being this delicious. It additionally helps that my little two-year-old LOVES baking them with me and giving them out to our loved ones!

So moving right along, here is my formula for chocolate chip cake rusks! You truly NEED to make these, I promise you won’t think twice about it!


  • 3/4 cup butter OR 6tbsp oil
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1.5 cups self-raising flour
  • 100g chocolate chips


1. Beat the sugar and spread/oil until very much joined
2. Add the eggs each in turn, whisking each egg until all around joined prior to adding the following

3. Include oneself raising flour. The blend will be thick!
4. Crease in the chocolate chips
5. Move the hitter into a lubed or lined square formed cake tin
6. Prepare at 180 for around 40 minutes, or until the highest point of the cake is brilliant and the cake is cooked through. Kindly don’t overbake! This will prompt an exceptionally dry rusk!
7. Eliminate from the stove and permit to cool prior to happening to the subsequent stage, if not the cake will be brittle and bound to break during taking care of
8. Cut the cake into flimsy cuts as displayed in the pictures. Orchestrate these in a line with within the cake confronting upwards

9. Prepare these at 150 for around 10-15 minutes, then, at that point, flip and heat again for an extra 10-15 minutes
10. Permit to cool totally prior to serving

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