How to make Delicious Mutton Pulao Recipe

Lamb Pulao is cooked very much like other Pulaos, by stewing up a stock (called yakhni in Urdu/Hindi) utilizing the meat and an assortment of sweet-smelling entire flavors. The magnificence of a Mutton Pulao is that since it takes up to 2hrs to cook, it gets a valuable chance to stew for longer and foster a lot further flavor. This is essentially longer than a Chicken Pulao, which just requirements 30 minutes. Any cook worth their expertise will realize a sluggish and long stew is critical to delivering that multitude of scrumptious squeezes and flavors.

Mutton Pulao Recipe:

Mutton Pulaoo

How To Cook Mutton Pulao:

Heat the oil in a profound pot. Add the cut onions and saute well, mixing regularly so the onions brown equally
When the onions and a profound brilliant forehead, add the garlic, ginger, entire cumin seeds and sheep. Saute this well, mixing frequently and guaranteeing the sheep gets great contact with the foundation of the pot which will assist it with cooking admirably. Tie every one of the entire flavors in your fabric and tie well. Add this to your pot, close by the salt and 7 cups of water
Permit this to stew covered on low for around 1hr 15mins. On the off chance that the sheep isn’t cooked through by this point, stew for a further 15 minutes, proceeding to do as such until the lamb is cooked yet not delicate/breaking to the touch.┬áInclude the pre-drenched rice. You’ll have to check there is sufficient water in your pot – the manner in which I do this is I placed my finger in so the tip of my finger contacts the rice. The water should be coming up to the main line on my finger. Assuming there is pretty much nothing, add some more water in till it arrives at that level. Assuming there is excessively, scoop a piece out utilizing a cup (yet stay away from this since you’re scooping out flavor!)
Cook this on high, mixing the sides with more than once in the middle to guarantee the rice isn’t staying (cautious not to break the rice! No mixing please!)
When most of the water has dissipated yet the rice actually looks wet, turn the fire down to the least conceivable setting, cover firmly and permit the rice to steam cook (known as dum in urdu) for at least ten minutes and for as long as 20 minutes
Lift the top and cushion up the rice utilizing an opened spoon or fork. This keeps the rice from staying together or clustering, particularly in the event that you don’t anticipate serving right away.


4tbsp oil
2tbsp entire cumin seeds
3 onions, cut (not slashed)
10 cloves garlic (can be entire, slashed or minced)
2tbsp ginger, minced
750g sheep, bone in
4tsp salt, or to taste
3 cups white basmati rice (splashed for a min 30 mins in chilly water prior to utilizing)

Whole Spices to Wrap in Cloth:

1. 2.5tbsp coriander seeds

2. 3tbsp black peppercorns

3. 1 bayleaf

4. 10 green cardamoms

5. 2 black cardamom

6. 0.5 star anise

7. 7 cloves

8. 1 medium sized stick cinnamon


My pulao never contains any hotness since I like it as such. To add some zest into this, vibe allowed to add a few green chillis simultaneously you add the entire flavors. You can place the green chillis into the fabric on the off chance that you don’t need entire bits of bean stew in your rice.
The garlic pieces ought to crumble into the stock as it is cooking. Assuming you observe enormous pieces of garlic in your stock in the wake of cooking it, you can squash them effectively with the rear of a fork.
You can decorate this with crunchy singed onions – it goes magnificently!


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